Austin and Travis County are at a critical point where your actions can impact the health of the whole community.

Though COVID-19 causes mild illness for most, it poses danger to older people and those with underlying health issues.

Austin Public Health officials have identified community spread of the virus and staying home can really help prevent our loved ones and neighbors from getting sick.

The virus is spread through people who are in close contact or from coughs or sneezes.

There is no evidence that casual, brief interaction with somebody, such as getting take-out or passing someone on a sidewalk, leads to transmission. Our concern is when many people gather in close quarters for long periods of time like a social gathering.

These symptoms can be so mild that you may dismiss feeling tired or a small cough. DON’T. When in doubt: Check your temperature twice a day. If your temperature is 99.6 degrees or higher, self-quarantine, by staying home and avoiding close physical contact with those you live with.

Austin Public Health and partner hospitals now have testing sites throughout Travis County.

Visit to learn more.

We need your help to keep our loved ones safe. Protect others by protecting yourself.