ASL Updated Policy for Facial Coverings - Austin/Travis County

Dr. Mark Escott, Austin Travis County Interim Health Authority.

Well, we need the entire community engaged in this effort.

When we look at strategies to reopen businesses, it really depends on us doing that in a safe manner, which means maintaining social distancing and utilizing this new policy of the facial coverings.

Combined, we’re hopeful that this will help us to continue to flatten the curve and mitigate that spread.

The facial covering is to prevent the spread of disease from the person wearing the mask to other people.

So, this is a sign that you care about other people, that you want to be engaged in that success mission that we’re asking everyone to be engaged in.

And that’s why it’s critical when you’re in a public place, when you’re in a ride share, when you’re in a taxi that you are wearing that facial covering

We know that from our evidence as well as national data that the role of asymptomatic spread is more significant than we once thought, as well as the role of mildly symptomatic spread.

So, those individuals who don’t have a fever, but may just have a cough or sore throat or even a change in their taste or smell, those individuals can spread the disease and this is exactly why we’re making these recommendations now and now transitioning them into mandatory policy.