ASL Stage Four News Conference - Austin/Travis County

We have made the decision based upon the data we are seeing - the increasing numbers of cases which is up to 300 yesterday for the first time since the middle of August and the increasing positivity which is now close to 7% that we are transitioning us to Stage 4 in Travis County and you can see that following Thanksgiving there is a significant increase in the risk and why is that? Because Thanksgiving is a time when we all get together.

Thanksgiving is a time where for COVID-19 we are going to be the most vulnerable. It's effectively Labor Day and Memorial Day, Independence Day all combined in to one Big event and unfortunately due to the nature of the transmission of this disease poses the most significant risk that we’ve seen throughout this pandemic so ultimately what we need people to do is number one if you're high risk if you're over the age of 65 if you have underlying significant health conditions you need to stay home you need to send other people out if you can to go to the grocery store or the hardware store or to help you with your day-to-day tasks and we also need to encourage everybody even if they're lower risk if they're going to be interacting with other people outside of their household to do so with a mask on and social distance.

We have lots of cases that we review and what we are seeing is the same thing that we've been seeing throughout this pandemic and that is where masks are being worn and where people are distanced disease is not spreading effectively. Where it’s spreading is when people takeoff that mask and close that six foot of distance to be closer to other people. I know it's challenging but we have to re-new the call to action.